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Jan. 26th, 2016

First World Problems

I went to the doctor today for prescription updates. I fasted, as I had to get blood work done. The doc was good, the lab was good, the immunization clinic was good, the pharmacy - SCREECH. Prescription not filled completely. The rest of it is at a different location. Why? There was an explanation, but it was a stupid explanation. Dumb ass system and dumb ass people and what the hell is wrong with that doctor anyway? I went to the other location and got the rest of it. I have decent free health care and free prescriptions, courtesy of David's Army service, and I should be grateful. (Even it is a dumb ass system.)

I stopped for breakfast and COFFEE and lunch on the way in to work, as a courtesy to others. I parked in the new lot and walked to the office. It's a 10 minute walk, no trouble. If I drove from home to the parking lot and walked in, it would take about the same time as it takes me to walk the whole way. The walking is doing me good, really. I walked Jake this weekend and was much less sore at the end than usual. I need to keep moving so I don't rust up. I bet I'll change my tune when the heat returns, but that won't be for a while, yet.

Jan. 20th, 2016

Walking Wednesday

Winter has arrived at last here in NC. I'm still walking to and from work every day. David went to the store this afternoon and said, "This weather is brutal!" I didn't say so, but it was ten degrees colder this morning. It just doesn't bother me the way it does him. Yesterday, I walked to work wearing a skirt and tights. That was a little brisk, I admit, but once I get moving, it's not bad.

Jake has been a terrible pest now that he doesn't have Nigel to play with. We've got to get another dog. David wants to get a pound dog, which makes sense. Whatever we get, it can't be too large, because walking two labs at once was way too much. I was wrangling 170 pounds of boundless enthusiasm (to say nothing of the four poop bags I got to carry all over the neighborhood). I'm just glad I got home without getting turned into a Maypole.

When I took Jake out on Monday, I saw that someone cut a hole in the fence around the old golf course, probably so they can cut across the field. Sadly, that means that I can't let Jake off the leash over there any more. He doesn't run off very often, but when he does, he likes to get as much mileage out of it as he can. The hole in the fence is about 100 yards from a very busy road, and I can't take that chance. (I'm trying to figure out what I can do to close it up - clothesline, maybe, so I can let him run again.)

Tonight, I have an AA committee meeting. I foolishly showed up at one of these meetings and ended up the treasurer last January, which is a two year commitment. I get to write a report and attend a committee meeting every month. I'm also on other boards, and have those meetings to attend, too. My helium hand gets me in more trouble, I swear. Someone needs to volunteer, and my hand just pops into the air. (Cue Ado Annie, "I'm just a girl who can't say no, I'm in a terrible fix!")

There is some talk of snow this weekend. Please, Lord, no. It makes people crazy. However, the temps are going back up to the 50s next week, so even if we do get it, it'll be gone by Monday. Solar plowing!

Jan. 12th, 2016

Sunny Tuesday

Well, after a few days, the walk to and from work has really improved. I've found a couple of variations on the route that cut down on the roar of traffic. (Honestly, we have the loudest cars in the world here.) Being out in the fresh air and sunshine for 20 minutes each morning and afternoon has done wonders for my mood and my sleep.

This weekend, I had a color workshop in Yadkinville. It was a 2.5 hour drive each way for a 3 hour class, so it was a long day, but the class was good. We each had a canvas with a pencil outline of a color wheel, and we created color wheels with paint - red, blue, yellow, white, and black. It was fun. The only problem with my day was that I ate at McDonald's, twice. Bleah.

Yesterday, I had to appear for jury duty. After hanging out in the jury room from 8:30 am to 1 pm, we were released without being called. (Everyone plead guilty or the DA dropped the case.) I got some reading done, and had a little nap, too. Afterwards, I did a couple of errands.

It seems that Aunt Jean is going to pick up Nigel this week. We will miss him! He and Jake have been having a fabulous time playing together, and he's just a really sweet dog. The cat is completely fine with him, and in fact, George led the dogs on a merry chase through the house yesterday. He instigates it. They are ridiculous.

I am getting another dog. It's only a matter of time. I warned David, and I'm serious. There was a little Shih Tzu at the vet yesterday, and I only refrained from snatching him up and running because I knew I wouldn't get a way with it. WANT.

Jan. 5th, 2016

New year

Starting this year, our building site is a construction* site. We have all been moved to a satellite parking lot about half a mile away. (Just checked on the Gmaps Pedometer website - it's a third of a mile.) Instead of fooling with that, I'm trying to just walk to work. I thought it was two miles, but again on the website, it's only a mile. If I go through the neighborhood instead of the main road, it's 1.25. Easy, right? Well, it's the second day, and my legs are very sore. I slept like the dead last night, too.

*There are no signs of construction or demolition so far. No matter, it's good for me to walk. I don't think I'll be able to do this in the summer, as I would need a bath on arrival, but for now, it's a good practice. We'll see how I do.

I knew that I had gotten out of shape, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, I'm going to be out in the fresh air more often, and while it may take a while to get used to it, the only way to get in shape is to get off my butt. Since I'm now bigger than I have ever been, the time is now to stop the couch potato routine. I tried to thread the loom this weekend, and I couldn't sit in that (admittedly uncomfortable) position for more than 30 minutes at a time. More walking, more stretching.

We are dog-sitting for my Aunt Jean. Her dog Nigel is an old friend of ours, and we love him. He and Jake are getting along well and playing some, too. We had a little grr & tussle just this morning - I put them out in the yard. Two labs are too much dog to have tussling in the house! They are both big ol' sweetie pies, so everyone is getting along fine. George the cat is reserved, but not very afraid. I expect he will be acting like he owns the place again by the end of today.

I have a bit more to do at work - I've taken on some more programs. The other thing that started in January is that during construction, we will have our classes off site. This is bound to confuse our customers, who head over here no matter where we hold a class. We anticipate lots of reminder emails. So these extra classes are not just more work, they're more work, plus reserving a fleet car and taking all our stuff to the other site. Whee! Hey, if it was easy, anyone could do it. It takes talent, that's why they have us. Heh.

Dec. 28th, 2015


I survived Christmas, despite a ridiculous workload and zero holiday cheer. I'm just glad it's over. Everyone seemed happy enough with their gifts.

This weekend, I cut out and sewed five adult sized bibs for my father in law, Wally. He's getting quite elderly, and called me to ask that I make them for him. They came out nicely, I think, and they're really long, to cover the lap when seated. They have flannel backing, and three fabrics - a chambray, a windowpane check, and a blue gingham. I only had enough flannel for 5, so I only made one of the gingham. I think he will like them. I'd hoped to mail them today, but forgot them at work when I went home for lunch. Sorry, Wally. You'll have to wait one more day.

Bibs for Wally

I'm reading a book recommended by Plin, "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder." I don't think I'm fully ADD, but I'm definitely affected. I do feel that it's mean to write a 300 page book on the driest topic ever, and market it to people with ADD. Come on, now. Anyway, I hope I can glean something useful from it.

There are SO many things I'd like to do, projects to knit, weaving to do, organizing my yarn stash, and just very little time/energy to tackle it. Bah.

Dec. 21st, 2015

All quiet over here

Happy Winter Solstice!

Work is so quiet as to be non-existent. I did tell someone how to access her online certificate, and I scanned a contract. That's about the sum total of my work-related efforts today. I did bring in my dang cards and finish them, so I'll drop them at the post office later. As long as I don't have to wait in line, holy cow, I waited 30 minutes last week. Craziness.

This weekend, I spent Saturday baking, reheating, or otherwise prepping for our group holiday party. With one exception: I had to go to the group business meeting at noon, so I took Jake with me, and then took him to the woods afterwards, to run free for a bit. Poor guy, he never gets enough exercise. That took about 45 minutes, so I did get some fresh air and sunshine, but not enough to make up for the amount of eating I did later on.

Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. We went to a matinee of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then went out to dinner. I enjoyed the movie more than David - I was just glad to be back in the old Star Wars universe. I'm not that invested in the details and how it all fits with the other movies. I guess I'll go turn in my nerd card now.

Man, I have so much to do at home, finishing projects, wrapping presents. We did get the extra loom out of the craft room, at least, so I have room to turn around. I'm hoping to get some wrapping done, so I can get an idea of what's done and what's left to do.

Dec. 15th, 2015

December rush

Viking Christmas went well, though we had some folks show up an hour early. (GAH.) David made a huge amount of smoked meat, but the most popular thing was a casserole made with ground venison, sour cream, and cream of mushroom soup. It was creamy and rich and very filling. Sunday was spent helping clean up the meeting place for next weekend's holiday party, baking banana bread for the department holiday party on Monday, and finally, sitting down.

Today is the weaving guild holiday party, so I spent some time this morning prepping the dish I'll take, and the gift. I also have a webinar at lunchtime (ugh), so I'll eat lunch late.

The company holiday party is on Wednesday, but we have a program off site at the same time, so I will miss that one. I'm okay missing it - they're going to have a lip-sync contest. Every year they do something raucous, which I steadfastly refuse to join. The first year, I got roped into performing the Twelve Redneck Days of Christmas with a few other people, and I learned my lesson then. Say no and keep saying it until they go away.

Wednesday night is the board meeting, which is mercifully brief, at least. Thursday, I need to go to the store to get ingredients for a big lasagna for the group party on Saturday. That will be made on Friday, so it can sit overnight, to be cooked on Saturday. Saturday morning, I'll get David to help me move the spare loom back into the living room so I can turn around in my craft room. I guess Sunday I will try to tackle a a few sewing projects I need to do. I'm way behind on Christmas shopping. I still haven't sent my cards. Is it any wonder I'm tired of Christmas already?


Dec. 11th, 2015

Friday at last

I'm listening to a webinar, in my professional capacity as the Designated Staff Participant, so my phone is on mute and the volume is low. I'm not a MH professional, so the information, while interesting, is not really for me. Did you know that young black men get diagnosed as schizophrenic at a higher rate than other ethnic groups? Me, either. (The speaker is of the opinion that this reflects cultural bias rather than some kind of genetic reason.)

Last night, I made collards in the crock pot and left them on overnight. It smelled good all night long. I did not manage to bake a cake yesterday, nor did I decorate the Christmas tree. I'm hoping to get one or both of those things done today. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to pick up some snack stuff to put out, plus whatever paper plates, etc., that we might need. I'll also need to wrap up some Viking Christmas gifts.

It's warm out. It will be warmer tomorrow, when I am working all day in the house. Boo, hiss. I'll be in shorts and a tank top all day. I'm just hoping to be cooled off enough to put on better clothes by the time the guests arrive. Usually, I'm hot, sweaty, and cranky by that time. I'm cutting back on cooking this time: the collards, the cake, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. David's cooking enough meat for an army, as usual. He's already started - he fired up the smoker at lunchtime today.

As usual for this time of December, I'm completely over Christmas, and can't wait for it to be over. Come on, 2016.

Dec. 10th, 2015

Getting ready for the holiday

We have a big party every December, called Viking Christmas (because you can pillage the gifts). Every year, David goes completely nuts cleaning the house. I mean, completely. As in, things get "put away" in places that have no rhyme or reason, and are sometimes not seen again for months. And things get put away in places that make no sense. David's got a pile of heavy dumbbells in the carport. They are now lined up under the edge of the table, right where every person who walks up to that table will stub his toe. Actually, that's so ridiculous, I'll bet it was Aiden. That kid only uses his head for a hat rack.

Aiden's not working right now, so he's been pulled into it, poor thing. (OTOH, we are paying his car insurance and car payment this month, so there's that.) They got the tree set up yesterday and I'm hoping they decorate it today. Aiden likes to decorate Christmas trees, but he gets the lights on there so deep in the tree that it's impossible to extract them later.

I do love those guys, but I wonder if they ever think beyond the next five minutes.

Dec. 7th, 2015

Gloomy Monday

Welcome to winter: it's cold and raining. It's kind of miserable, really, but at least it isn't hot. I'm right over being hot these days.

Saturday was mom's birthday, and David and I went up there to see her. We went to a small craft fair, and out to dinner. It was lovely. I made her a shawl, and she just loved it. I knew she would, because she had seen it online and sent me the link, but that was back in the spring. (I am a slow and fickle knitter.) Because of its size, by the time I got to the end, each row was taking about 20-30 minutes to knit. I was working 2 rows on any one day, and then putting it away. Hand cramps!

On Sunday, I spent some time sleying the reed in my loom, and then re-sleying, since I miscounted and didn't have enough room. If you heard a giant sigh of irritation on Sunday, that was me. It's not enough to handle 540 threads twice, oh no. I get to do it three times. Well, it must be done, and I got almost all of it done before it was time to go see Jonathan Byrd out in Aberdeen. Yet another wonderful show!

In happier news, we're having a party at our house on Saturday, so David is cleaning everything. I hope I can still find my stuff next week. He was cleaning the oven and vacuuming when I got home. It's a little unnerving. We still have to get a tree and decorate. Heaven help us all...

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