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May. 2nd, 2016

You little monster!

Ivy is 11 weeks old! At the vet last Friday, she weighed almost 8 pounds. She did not appreciate the shot, no ma'am, nor the bordatella vaccine up her nose. Before we went to the vet, I took her to the office and let all the ladies come and squeal over her. She is ridiculously cute.

She's still a piranha, and in fact, she drew blood a couple of times yesterday. She was relatively quiet all day, then turned into a ball of teeth after dinner. She also discovered that she can yelp, and I will spring into action. It's a hideous noise.

I put hardware cloth along the bottom of the carport gate last night, so Ivy can't get out. I don't know why I waited so long, but now she can go out without direct supervision, hallelujah. I put her and Jake out there this morning while I was eating my breakfast: perfect. She can get up and down the steps pretty well now.

Saturday, I took her out for a walk with Jake. She hasn't liked the leash at all so far, but when Jake was out in front, along she went. It was stop and go in places, but she got a LOT of exercise. We went around the block, which is half a mile, a long way when your legs are 4 inches long! So things are progressing.

She's figuring out the house training, too. Whenever I see her doing her business outside, she gets praise and a treat. I don't yell at her for going in the house, but simply clean it up and make sure to get her out more often. I've had good results with setting an alarm for 15 minutes after she eats, then taking her out. I can't feed her with Jake around - he would push her out of the way and eat everything - so he eats outside and she eats inside.

George the cat plays with Ivy sometimes, but when he's done, all he has to do to gain altitude. A chair works, or the back of the couch. He's getting to be a chub, our George. I hope playing with the puppy helps!

Playtime is over!

Apr. 19th, 2016

Ivy the furry piranha

I got Ivy from a rescue organization on April 7. She was 7 weeks old, and 6 pounds.

Ivy has had a big day.

She is now 9 weeks old, not afraid of much besides Mom's dog Max, and chewing everything she can get her jaws around. The worst is the nipping, dear lord. Bite monster. I've sacrificed some plastic sandals to her, just to get her off of something else she's got, like my hand. Mom got her some small Nylabones, but Jake got hold of one and chewed one end off. I'm concerned that he might swallow a small toy, or part of one. (He's a knucklehead about some things, and a gulper. If he thinks it might be edible, he will try to eat it. I picked up some poop a few weeks ago that clearly contained plastic grocery sack, which was alarming.) Ivy really likes Jake's rope toy, but he pouts when she has it. Still, he's a gentle dog, and does not attempt to overpower or intimidate her. My good boy.

She's getting better about letting me know when it's time to go out. She still thinks the leash is some bullshit, man, don't pull on my neck! I'll get a harness and see if that improves her response. She's still little enough that I can't leave her in the yard alone, as I'm pretty sure she can get through gaps in the fence. But she's happy to be out there, and watches Jake to see what he's doing. She's pretty fond of Milkbones Trail Mix, which is small enough for her tiny self.

Would you look at this face?


How could I resist?

Mar. 21st, 2016

First Monday in Spring

Wow, things have been BUSY around here. I volunteered to take care of a bunch of classes, and they've got me hopping.

Last weekend, David and I moved the raised garden bed boxes to a sunnier spot, and I planted some tomatoes and squash, and seeds for carrots, spinach, herbs, and radishes. Those seeds are already starting to sprout, but they might wish they hadn't, since the temperature dropped 25 degrees over the weekend. It will be warm again by Thursday, though. That's why we did that last week: the last frost date for this area (zone 8) is March 15.

On Saturday, I got a surprise visit from my brother Greg and his wife. They were on their way to Florida to see my other brothers and their wives, and since we are about 15 minutes off the interstate, they dropped in. They were only able to visit for about an hour, but it was so nice to see them. Also, they called when they were about an hour away, so we got the house clean(er) before they arrived. It's good to have company now and then, so we can remain civilized.

On Sunday, I took Jake out to a different part of post than we usually see, and walked about 3 miles. He logged twice the mileage, of course. It was overcast, with a temperature of about 50F, so it was a fine day for a long hike. I had to stop by the commissary afterwards, and Jake slept happily in the back seat until I came out. We both got our exercise, and then some.

Last night, I went bowling with a few of the women from my women's meeting. We only played two games, and it took almost two hours with all the chatting and horsing around, but it was fun. I am only an occasional bowler, but I enjoy it. I've probably been bowling two dozen times in my life. It's kind of like playing pool - fun, but not so compelling that I spend a lot of time on it.

This morning, I took both Jake and George to the vet. Jake needed a bath, and George needed his rabies shot. George did NOT appreciate the vet: he puked in his crate before I could get him home, poor kitty. I'm pretty sure it was stress - he had his mouth open, panting, when the vet was giving him the shots. He did not want to be there. Jake was happy as can be, as usual. I'll get him after work today, clean, nails trimmed, and ears cleaned. The vet techs all love him, because he's such a friendly dog.

A cute Jake story: when I took him on post yesterday, and went though the gate, the stern-looking MP took my ID card, and said "Good morning, ma'am," then spotted Jake, and his voice went up an octave. "Hey, buddy, what are YOU doing? What a good boy!" I rolled down the back window so he could say hello and give Jake a pat. His voice dropped back down. "Ahem. You have a good day, ma'am." That's my Jake - charming the socks off everyone he meets.

Feb. 22nd, 2016

National shame

I have to tell you, the idea of a President Trump is horrifying. Like, rise of Hitler horrifying. His rise was similar - inciting the fear and hatred of people who feel they are being cheated out of what they think they ought to have.

I was watching a PBS show on the civil rights movement, about the Freedom Summer and the and spitting hatred and violence that white people displayed. Suddenly, I thought of the German people and the national shame for the actions of the Nazis, and realized: my maternal ancestors were the people who profited by exploiting black people. My great great grandparents, and plenty of those before them, owned slaves. My Great Aunt Alpha and her husband referred to their black tenants as "nigras." I was not raised that way, and my mother was not raised that way, but the fact is, I have profited from the systematic oppression of black people in this country. We didn't have death camps and gas chambers on an industrial scale, but that's faint praise indeed. (Actually, you could make a good case for today's industrial prison system.)

However, though the people of the American South are still widely viewed as racist (though not by they themselves), other folks in this country feel free of this history. The truth is, racism is a huge part of our history. People talk about Bull Conner, but forget about the whites rioting in Boston, and the white flight to parochial and private schools, when integration came along. People in the west may not have the black slavery legacy, but our historical and present mistreatment and abuse of Asians and Latino populations are ignored. All this was preceded by the other original American sin: the genocide of the American Indians. We're all in it.

The GOP has built up its base on resentment and disdain towards poor and non-white people (and of course, the eternal hatred of women - sorry, Hillary), and this is the result. It's not surprising that Trump is in the lead, it's just surprising that they lost control of it so quickly. Having a black man in the White House has amped up the racist base to a fever pitch. The usual run of staid old white guys just wouldn't do any longer. Mitt blew it last time, and the racists sure weren't going to give Jeb a chance to screw it up this time. No, they need a guy who says what they say and believe, and that is Donald Trump.

I might have to move to Cape Breton after all.

Feb. 11th, 2016

Sunny and bright

The weather has been chilly, between 30F and 45F, and reasonably sunny. I'm still walking back and forth to work. It takes about 20 minutes, so it's a reasonable commute. I do think it's helping me stay healthy.

Work is much busier than it's ever been. In addition to my usual stuff, I'm doing programs for two other areas. Even having tripled my workload, I'm still not overworked, which indicates how un-busy I was for the previous 5 years. No wonder I was so bored. I"m still pretty bored, but I try to be grateful. It's a good place to work, I get along with everyone, and the pay's pretty good for the area.

These days, my body seems like a random collection of aches and pains. I have a series of stretches that I do in the morning before getting dressed for work, both for my hips (arthritis) and for my feet (plantar fasciitis). Neither condition is very bad, and I'd like to keep it that way. Stretching helps.

The funny thing is doing my floor stretches with Jake around. He stands over me, tries to lick my face (EW), then lies down next to me and puts his head on me - this morning, he put it on my chest, but sometimes he lays that big ol' head on my throat, or my face, followed by my weak cries of "No!" and helpless giggling. It's really a pain to have him RIGHT THERE all the time, especially when I'm trying to get ready, but I try not to yell at him about it. Jake just wants to be near me, always. He's a big lug, and I love him.

I'm working on a throw for a friend. It's the widest thing I've ever tried to weave, the full width of the reed.

Sue"s throw

It's plain weave, and it's lovely. The light stripe you can see through the warp is the sample I wove with white yarn. The white weft overwhelmed the colors. I switched to black weft, and it's much better.

Jan. 26th, 2016

First World Problems

I went to the doctor today for prescription updates. I fasted, as I had to get blood work done. The doc was good, the lab was good, the immunization clinic was good, the pharmacy - SCREECH. Prescription not filled completely. The rest of it is at a different location. Why? There was an explanation, but it was a stupid explanation. Dumb ass system and dumb ass people and what the hell is wrong with that doctor anyway? I went to the other location and got the rest of it. I have decent free health care and free prescriptions, courtesy of David's Army service, and I should be grateful. (Even it is a dumb ass system.)

I stopped for breakfast and COFFEE and lunch on the way in to work, as a courtesy to others. I parked in the new lot and walked to the office. It's a 10 minute walk, no trouble. If I drove from home to the parking lot and walked in, it would take about the same time as it takes me to walk the whole way. The walking is doing me good, really. I walked Jake this weekend and was much less sore at the end than usual. I need to keep moving so I don't rust up. I bet I'll change my tune when the heat returns, but that won't be for a while, yet.

Jan. 20th, 2016

Walking Wednesday

Winter has arrived at last here in NC. I'm still walking to and from work every day. David went to the store this afternoon and said, "This weather is brutal!" I didn't say so, but it was ten degrees colder this morning. It just doesn't bother me the way it does him. Yesterday, I walked to work wearing a skirt and tights. That was a little brisk, I admit, but once I get moving, it's not bad.

Jake has been a terrible pest now that he doesn't have Nigel to play with. We've got to get another dog. David wants to get a pound dog, which makes sense. Whatever we get, it can't be too large, because walking two labs at once was way too much. I was wrangling 170 pounds of boundless enthusiasm (to say nothing of the four poop bags I got to carry all over the neighborhood). I'm just glad I got home without getting turned into a Maypole.

When I took Jake out on Monday, I saw that someone cut a hole in the fence around the old golf course, probably so they can cut across the field. Sadly, that means that I can't let Jake off the leash over there any more. He doesn't run off very often, but when he does, he likes to get as much mileage out of it as he can. The hole in the fence is about 100 yards from a very busy road, and I can't take that chance. (I'm trying to figure out what I can do to close it up - clothesline, maybe, so I can let him run again.)

Tonight, I have an AA committee meeting. I foolishly showed up at one of these meetings and ended up the treasurer last January, which is a two year commitment. I get to write a report and attend a committee meeting every month. I'm also on other boards, and have those meetings to attend, too. My helium hand gets me in more trouble, I swear. Someone needs to volunteer, and my hand just pops into the air. (Cue Ado Annie, "I'm just a girl who can't say no, I'm in a terrible fix!")

There is some talk of snow this weekend. Please, Lord, no. It makes people crazy. However, the temps are going back up to the 50s next week, so even if we do get it, it'll be gone by Monday. Solar plowing!

Jan. 12th, 2016

Sunny Tuesday

Well, after a few days, the walk to and from work has really improved. I've found a couple of variations on the route that cut down on the roar of traffic. (Honestly, we have the loudest cars in the world here.) Being out in the fresh air and sunshine for 20 minutes each morning and afternoon has done wonders for my mood and my sleep.

This weekend, I had a color workshop in Yadkinville. It was a 2.5 hour drive each way for a 3 hour class, so it was a long day, but the class was good. We each had a canvas with a pencil outline of a color wheel, and we created color wheels with paint - red, blue, yellow, white, and black. It was fun. The only problem with my day was that I ate at McDonald's, twice. Bleah.

Yesterday, I had to appear for jury duty. After hanging out in the jury room from 8:30 am to 1 pm, we were released without being called. (Everyone plead guilty or the DA dropped the case.) I got some reading done, and had a little nap, too. Afterwards, I did a couple of errands.

It seems that Aunt Jean is going to pick up Nigel this week. We will miss him! He and Jake have been having a fabulous time playing together, and he's just a really sweet dog. The cat is completely fine with him, and in fact, George led the dogs on a merry chase through the house yesterday. He instigates it. They are ridiculous.

I am getting another dog. It's only a matter of time. I warned David, and I'm serious. There was a little Shih Tzu at the vet yesterday, and I only refrained from snatching him up and running because I knew I wouldn't get a way with it. WANT.

Jan. 5th, 2016

New year

Starting this year, our building site is a construction* site. We have all been moved to a satellite parking lot about half a mile away. (Just checked on the Gmaps Pedometer website - it's a third of a mile.) Instead of fooling with that, I'm trying to just walk to work. I thought it was two miles, but again on the website, it's only a mile. If I go through the neighborhood instead of the main road, it's 1.25. Easy, right? Well, it's the second day, and my legs are very sore. I slept like the dead last night, too.

*There are no signs of construction or demolition so far. No matter, it's good for me to walk. I don't think I'll be able to do this in the summer, as I would need a bath on arrival, but for now, it's a good practice. We'll see how I do.

I knew that I had gotten out of shape, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, I'm going to be out in the fresh air more often, and while it may take a while to get used to it, the only way to get in shape is to get off my butt. Since I'm now bigger than I have ever been, the time is now to stop the couch potato routine. I tried to thread the loom this weekend, and I couldn't sit in that (admittedly uncomfortable) position for more than 30 minutes at a time. More walking, more stretching.

We are dog-sitting for my Aunt Jean. Her dog Nigel is an old friend of ours, and we love him. He and Jake are getting along well and playing some, too. We had a little grr & tussle just this morning - I put them out in the yard. Two labs are too much dog to have tussling in the house! They are both big ol' sweetie pies, so everyone is getting along fine. George the cat is reserved, but not very afraid. I expect he will be acting like he owns the place again by the end of today.

I have a bit more to do at work - I've taken on some more programs. The other thing that started in January is that during construction, we will have our classes off site. This is bound to confuse our customers, who head over here no matter where we hold a class. We anticipate lots of reminder emails. So these extra classes are not just more work, they're more work, plus reserving a fleet car and taking all our stuff to the other site. Whee! Hey, if it was easy, anyone could do it. It takes talent, that's why they have us. Heh.

Dec. 28th, 2015


I survived Christmas, despite a ridiculous workload and zero holiday cheer. I'm just glad it's over. Everyone seemed happy enough with their gifts.

This weekend, I cut out and sewed five adult sized bibs for my father in law, Wally. He's getting quite elderly, and called me to ask that I make them for him. They came out nicely, I think, and they're really long, to cover the lap when seated. They have flannel backing, and three fabrics - a chambray, a windowpane check, and a blue gingham. I only had enough flannel for 5, so I only made one of the gingham. I think he will like them. I'd hoped to mail them today, but forgot them at work when I went home for lunch. Sorry, Wally. You'll have to wait one more day.

Bibs for Wally

I'm reading a book recommended by Plin, "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder." I don't think I'm fully ADD, but I'm definitely affected. I do feel that it's mean to write a 300 page book on the driest topic ever, and market it to people with ADD. Come on, now. Anyway, I hope I can glean something useful from it.

There are SO many things I'd like to do, projects to knit, weaving to do, organizing my yarn stash, and just very little time/energy to tackle it. Bah.

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