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Drama on Friday

Well, my estimation of a Trump shitshow was right on the mark, not that it was a surprise. Hundreds of thousands of people marched all over the world. This weekend is the Moral March in Raleigh. I'll be there, in my pink hat. I've made two more, and am working on a third, for some people at my office. (I don't think they're marchers, I guess they just like pink hats.)

Aiden's car was repossessed this week. He's been slipping and sliding, leaping and hiding, and it's finally caught up to him. He did have the thoughtfulness to text his dad to let us know to cancel his car insurance. David replied by piling on and really giving him shit. Way to go, man. I texted Aiden this morning that I was sorry about his car but thankful for the notice about the insurance, which is due next week. He replied that he was sorry, and had no one but himself to blame. That is 100% true, and we are not bailing him out. Consequences suck.

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and yesterday, I got a CPAP machine. I used it last night with little trouble. I do feel more rested. The machine is more or less silent. My main concern is that the dog doesn't chew on the damn hose. (She's chewed up two of my bras in the past month.) I spent some time figuring out how to store it in a way that keeps it out of her reach.

I'm at an off site class today, and I'm sitting out in the hallway. They have a local top forty radio station playing over the intercom, complete with commercials. Imagine my delight. NOT. I have my earbuds in, but I can still hear it. I don't know why people can't stand quiet. Gah. At least it isn't a damn tv. I'd have to leave.


April 2017

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