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After months of being unable to access this site from work, today I'm in. Okay!

Aiden moved back to Illinois shortly after losing his car. Since he'd recently gotten an iPhone6 and charged the payments to our phone bill (!), I told him he was not taking it to IL with him. We went to the AT&T store, where I got him a $50 Samsung and took his iPhone for myself. If I'm paying the bill, I'm damn well going to enjoy the product. Aiden made some lame noise about sending us money from his tax refund, but I just ignored him. If I had ANY of the money he's said he was going to give me, ever, I'd be lenient, but so far, he has never given me one red cent, so hand it over. Since he went home, we have not heard a peep from him.

Trump continues to appall me. I knew this would be the result. David got really angry when I told him (last summer) that voting for Trump was grounds for divorce, but LOOK AT THIS MESS. It's a shitshow, and will be until the last bitter moment. We used to say that anyone could grow up to be president. Now we have to say any braying jackass can buy the presidency. Gah.

Ivy, as it turns out, is a digger. The back yard looks like the surface of the moon. It's quite appalling, and a hazard to all ankles. I know what she needs - more exercise - but I have not been walking the dogs like I should. Cue the finger wagging. David, of course, is no help at all. Sometimes he takes Jake out for a forced march, but he's just not a dog-walking kind of guy. It requires all my attention to walk two dogs together, if only to avoid being made into a May pole. I got a friction burn on my hand from the leash last month, because I was preoccupied with the poop bag instead of minding the dogs, and Jake shot off before I was ready for him. Jake is 90 pounds of unbridled enthusiasm, and when he shoots off, I'd better be ready. He wears a prong collar, and I know many folks disapprove of those, but I like my shoulders un-dislocated, so that's what I do. It's the only thing that gets his attention. Collar, harness, weighted backpack, none of that stuff fazes him at all. The prong collar, he respects.

At work, we are about 18 months into the construction of a new building. It's scheduled for occupancy in June, and we will move in then. Once we are moved, the crew will demolish this building and make a parking area. We are hoping to be back to normal by November of this year. In the meantime, all of my training programs are held at other sites in town and holy moly, what a pain in the neck that is. I have to pack up and transport all the food and equipment. If I want to use a fleet car, that's another layer of irritation to deal with. I am truly looking forward to having our classes at the office again someday. Also, we've been parking about a half mile away while this is going on. They have a shuttle, though I usually walk. It will be SO nice to park two minutes away, instead of ten.


April 2017

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