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Dec. 15th, 2016


Today's random prompt at Holidailies is "Five Years Ago." I checked, and it seems the kitchen renovation was still underway. Those were good days - David was deployed, and Dolly, Noel, and I were all living in the back of the house while the front was re-done. A friend had lent me her dorm fridge and small microwave, and I ate a lot of take out. But the work got done, and it was beautiful. What a gift that was, and is.

As I recall, that's when Dolly started trying to get out of the yard and go wandering. She did it twice before I started keeping her in the house instead of the yard while I was at work. My dad got me a bracelet to remember her by, and I'm wearing it today. She was the world's greatest dog. I'm sure your dog is wonderful, but Dolly was the best. It's hard to believe she's been gone two years. Heck, the friend who waited for me at the vet's office the day I took her in has died since then, too. (Old age ain't fer sissies.)

My post-election blues is getting a little better. I think the president-elect is going to make George W. Bush look like a true Christian and a sensible adult in comparison. I hope we get through it. I hope Roe v. Wade survives. It won't if the vp-elect has any choice in the matter. There's a true misogynist for you. I often wonder why it is that men hate women so much, but I doubt even they know. (Doubt it? What do they call a man to insult him? Girl. Pussy. Bitch.)

I read an interesting article today on the Reverend William Barber and the Third Reconstruction. I think I'm going to have to start doing more than despairing over the state of the world. (Updates as events warrant, I guess. I promise no munitions will be involved.)

Here's a cute picture, so I don't just go hide under my bed for four years.

Dec. 14th, 2016


This morning, I went to a consult at a sleep center, where they told me it's almost certain that I have obstructive sleep apnea. As soon as it's approved by the insurance people, I will have a sleep study done. We'll see what happens there.

Our company holiday party was today. I had a webinar scheduled for most of it, so I fixed a plate beforehand, then made it out in time to collect a little dessert at the end. I don't mind missing the party, it's usually noisy and has contests like karaoke or lip-synching for the extroverts in the crowd. If I didn't have the call, I'd have brought my knitting. That gives me something to look at instead of scowling at people.

Through a forum called Metafilter, I found this: Christmas with The Believers, a 6 song collection of jazz versions of holiday songs by an unknown trio. A++, would burn to a disc to listen in the car, and I already have. Christmas is 10 days away, I think I can handle the music now. I need to do something to get in the spirit, because otherwise, bah humbug.

Bah, humbug!

Dec. 13th, 2016


I had a pleasant time at the SCA event this weekend, mostly sitting inside and knitting. I got some useful advice on inkle weaving from someone who made a gorgeous tablet-woven band. (I'll get to that someday.) The group collected 700 presents and $100 in donations for a group called Country Santa, who distributes presents to kids in South Carolina. Bless them.

I did tackle my clothes on Sunday, but not as thoroughly as I probably should have. Some of them went to the trash, and I got three bags to go to charity (after they ride around in the back of the car for a while). I did separate the stored stuff into sizes, so I don't have to dig through all of them to find things as I (hopefully) lose weight. (I do need to lose weight - I'm finding myself out of breath doing things I used to do without trouble. That ain't good.)

This morning, I'm listening to a CD I call "Lydia's Jesus Music." Lydia was a co-worker at the church where I worked in 2004. She was a true believer, and nice as the day is long. The songs are contemporary versions of carols, and they're really quite good. This is surprising, because most contemporary Christian music is treacly crap, in my experience. Anyway, holiday spirit, ho ho ho.

Am I the meanest mother ever for putting this on my dog, or for laughing my ass off at her response to it (sitting down in abject disgust and resignation)? Both, I'm sure.

Dec. 9th, 2016

Friday in the hallway

I'm at our Friday class. I am not a mental health professional, so I declined to sit in the class - I'm out in the hall, waiting for the next break. My poor tailbone is killing me, so if I'm in the class, I'm likely to heave a great sigh every time I shift position. Also, about two out of every three of these classes have topics ranging from distressing to traumatizing, so hallway it is.

I had a hard time this week finding adult outfits to wear. I can be fairly casual at the office, so this is not usually an issue. I have a lot of clothes, but many of them are too small, since I've gained some weight over the past couple of years. So, I need to go through my drawers and closets, and get all the stuff that doesn't fit out of my way. I hope to tackle that on Sunday. It's a big job, and needs a practical attitude. None of this, "I can wear it once I lose five pounds" BS. The hardest thing is to dress in an attractive and comfortable way. It seems like I can have one or the other, but not both.

Old age ain't for sissies.

Dec. 6th, 2016

Tuesday's rush through the weekend

So, I have a holiday party after work today, out in Southern Pines (usually an hour's drive, except for tonight's traffic and rain, so probably 90 minutes). This morning, I got up and put together a dish for it that I started making last night.

Tomorrow and Thursday, I'll be in Pinehurst for a conference, then on Friday, I have a class across town. I went to the store to get snacks today at lunch, so I'd be ready for Friday. I've gotten everything ready for the conference, and everything ready for the class. I've been busy today.

Either tomorrow or Thursday, I'll need to stop at a store to pick up two toys for the Yule Toy Tourney on Saturday, just over the state line in South Carolina. That's an SCA thing that David is attending, and I'll go with him. I'll need to scrounge up my Viking dress for that one. The high will be 48F.

I don't think I have anything scheduled on Sunday, but it's still only Tuesday. If I'm lucky, I'll stay in my pajamas until noon.

Dec. 5th, 2016

Music Monday

The prompt today is "The music in your head." I always, always have music playing in my head. Sometimes I get a song I don't want, and then I have to listen to something else to drive it out. Just this morning, I saw a post on Facebook asking what song would constitute punishment to listen to, and Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night" cued right up. DAMN IT. I hate that damn song, and it's still right there, the minute I think of it. (Why yes, I am listening to something else right now so I don't end up with Rod warbling in my mind's ear.) Sometimes it's a song I like that's just a bit too catchy. If I'm away from my recorded music, I will start singing XTC's "Wrapped in Grey" which usually serves to drive the offender from my mind. XTC has been my favorite band since maybe 1981 or so. I just love them.

My husband does not care about music. I never dreamed I would love someone who doesn't live and breathe music, but I do. I'm less invested in being with someone who agrees with me than I was when I was younger. Or, to state it differently, I'm okay with people having different interests than mine, and I don't need to change them. Old age or maturity? No telling.

Dec. 4th, 2016

Sunday, all day

Dang, I missed yesterday. I went to an SCA thing called Unevent - it's a day long event to talk about the administrative and service functions of the Society. We could use one of the for AA, to be honest. Anyway, I was thinking of participating as a Seneschal. (Short definition: Head adult in charge.) My AA service is probably going to conflict with this, and I may have to wait.

Today is for chores and errands - I need to go to the store, do laundry, walk the dogs. Tonight, though, I'm going to see my old friend, Jonathan Byrd play in Aberdeen, NC. I've been a fan since 2000, and I have all his recordings. He's touring with Corin Raymond, another excellent singer-songwriter from Toronto. They play almost every December at the Poplar Knight Spot, a little venue in Aberdeen. Janet Kenworthy, who started it in her house ten years ago, has been bringing great music to the Sandhills for many years. She's a treasure. She even got Asleep at the Wheel to play there three years in a row. You bet your ass I was at those shows. I love Texas swing.

Another week in the books.

Dec. 2nd, 2016

Friday, hip hooray

I'm still in a funk and a crappy mood, so here's another prompt.

"What are your goals or resolutions for the coming year?"

I hardly ever make New Year's Resolutions. Past resolutions have come and gone without much notice. Still, it helps to think about what I need to do differently.

I have got to lose some weight, so that's one. I have a fully paid gym membership that I don't use, so that's another one, or a subset of the first one: take my butt back to the pool.

I should get outside more (especially this time of year). I've been staying in the office for my lunch breaks, and getting some sunshine makes everything better. I haven't walked to work all week, for one reason or the next, so I'm low on full-spectrum light.

Okay, that's two. I'm good.

Okay, one more: try not to get into unnecessary arguments on Facebook. Necessary ones are still on, but I should remember that most people are not prepared for the force of my fury, and proceed judiciously. Reason, not flamethrower. Unless someone really needs to burn. Heh heh heh.

Dec. 1st, 2016

Holidailies 2016

Okay, I'm going to do this again. And since I'm still alternately depressed and enraged by politics, I will use a random prompt to get started.

"Tell us about your strangest or most unique holiday decoration."

I'm a fans of ravens - that's where I get my username. Ravens, crows, and jays are in the family Corvidae. People who love corvids are called Corvis. My license plate reads CORVI. People give me raven stuff for Christmas. My most unusual decoration is a "primitive" style Santa holding a crow. My friend Lindsay gave it to me a dozen years ago.

My husband is a medieval re-enactor, and loves all things medieval. When we decorate for Christmas, the tree is all medieval-looking ornaments. All my ornaments either stay in the box or go on a small artificial tree. David likes things to be thematically consistent. He also has a thing for symmetry.

This year, we are not hosting the Viking Christmas party, it's being held at someone else's house. Yay! David and I are not planning to even get the Christmas stuff out of the attic. If I don't put it up, I don't have to put it away. Call me Grinch if you like. The dark days of winter put me in a foul mood, and this year has been one long dumpster fire. Christmas is in 3 weeks, and I haven't gotten a thing, nor do I want anything. I'll go out and tackle it for other folks, but I am not feeling it this year.

‘Tis the season for Holidailies.

Nov. 9th, 2016


The people of this country just burned a cross on the White House lawn.

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